Here is my TRD Supercharger. My supercharger was installed by the Toyota dealer when I tool delivery of my 4runner. I was warned by people on the 4runner posting board that the Dealer may screw up my install. When I picked up my 4runner It didn't feel any more powerful than the stock Limited I originally test drove. The Internet sales person I purchased my 4runner from at Toyota of Irving said that it needed to break in and don't push the supercharger to hard for the next 500 miles or so. I drove the 4runner home to Austin from Dallas(200 miles). After the 500 miles past I decided to see what this truck would run like. I was very disappointed when the response was the same as stock. I popped the hood and snooped around , I eventually found that a vacuum line was completely crushed between the supercharger and the intake manifold. After removing and replacing the vacuum line the 4runner ran much better. The 4runner has gradually gotten faster and more powerful as it has broken in. I have 12,000 miles on the odometer now (July 6th 00) and no complaints . I have not had the pinging problems that some 4runners have experienced. I recommend this upgrade to anyone who wants to add a little kick to their 4runner.